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Syracuse Chafa


Chinese-American Friendship Association

........sharing friendship and God's love with Chinese students, visiting scholars, parents, and professionals

What Our Members Say

Gao Min

Attending CHAFA’s summer activities helped me make a lot of friends and experience many things for the first time in America, like boating, hiking, and visiting an authentic American home. 

Du Huaguang

CHAFA is full of positive feelings and a place where I get recharged.  As a break from my studies, I used to play a lot of video games.  Now I prefer CHAFA’s activities.

Huang Juntao

When I came to America I was looking for an organization that would help me adjust to life in this new place.  Soon after arriving in Syracuse, I found CHAFA which has helped me feel more comfortable with Americans and American life.  I’m happy to be a member of this organization.

Fiona Wang

I found God's love by a Christian life influencing my life. CHAFA was the place to recharge and uplift me during COVID. Here is no discrimination, instead sharing friendship.

Come and Join Us

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Multiple types of amazing events

Syracuse Chafa
Syracuse Chafa
Syracuse Chafa

Outdoor hiking

Festival celebration 


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