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Our Organization

CHAFA (Chinese - American Friendship Association) is a Christian, non-profit organization reaching out in particular to the Chinese populations at Syracuse University, SUNY ESF, and Upstate Medical University.  Not only do we want our Chinese friends to feel more at home in Syracuse during their stay, but also to become more aware of the presence of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ.


CHAFA seeks to bring together Americans and Chinese in fulfillment of its mission, to foster friendships and connections which can bring blessing to both.

Our Mission

CHAFA (Chinese - American Friendship Association) is a Christian, non-profit, all-volunteer organization registered under NY State in 2015, with the aim of sharing friendship and God's love with our Chinese friends. We seek to help Chinese students, scholars, and visitors better adapt to and know more about American Culture by holding various outside and indoor activities such as Hiking, Dinner clubs, English Groups. Consistent with our Christian faith and values, CHAFA also offers Bible studies. Above all, we want to introduce our Chinese friends to the knowledge of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ whenever we can. Members are free to choose activities to attend according to their personal interests. 


American Volunteers are a core part of CHAFA. They are involved in activities to make friends with members and help members have a better understanding of American Culture. 


It is our desire CHAFA will be a warm home for all Chinese students, scholars, and visitors, although thousands of miles away from China.

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