Everything started out great.  When God created the universe and everything in it, including man, it was perfect.  God was pleased, calling it very good.  Adam and Eve were living in a paradise, in harmony with God and everything around them. 


Then something happened.


The man and his wife decided to disobey God.  They got tricked into thinking that God wasn’t telling them the truth and was trying to keep something good from them.  They gave into the temptation. (Are we any better than they?)  At that moment everything changed.  For the first time they felt shame and guilt, they wanted to hide from God, but couldn’t.  For the first time they started blaming another.  Conflict came into their relationship.  Finally, they were chased out of paradise into the cold world of hardship and trouble.  They were no longer fit to live there.


Have you experienced trouble in your life?  The world is filled with trouble today. There’s not a person who doesn’t experience some kind of hardship and trouble in their life journey. Trouble is caused by both ourselves and those around us.  We all suffer from our sins and the sins of others. With that sin comes guilt for what we have done or not done. God seems distant from us and we don’t even know how to relate to him.  We are all under the curse of sin and God’s judgment.



But, there is good news!  God loves his creation.  He wants to restore paradise.  In fact, the Bible tells us he wants to give us something better than the first paradise.  But he also knew he could only do it through a sacrifice, a sacrifice that would take away our sins and make us acceptable to him once again.  The Bible says he loved the world so much he actually gave his one and only son, Jesus, to be that sacrifice.  There is no sacrifice we can offer that will accomplish what needs to be done.  Only Jesus, the perfect Son of God and Son of Man could offer what was needed.  He did that on the cross when he was crucified for our sins.  The Bible says he was bruised for our iniquities.  He took on himself the judgment we deserve.  Now through Jesus we can be forgiven and cleansed from our sins.  Through Jesus we can begin to have a personal relationship with God and begin to truly experience his love and care for us.


The Bible tells us that whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.  When we turn from our unbelief, rebellion and sin..... we turn turn to Jesus, to a God who deeply desires to bring us love, joy, peace, purpose, and fulfillment.


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